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My brothers, Glenn and James, and dear sister, Helen, share my joy in taking this step; in several ways it is as much their accomplishment as it is mine.Above all, I appreciate Kate and Seamus for their contagious enthusiasm for life and loving determination to see this endeavor through with me to its end.I am also grateful to my long-time friends, Laurie Gottlieb and Kathy Maguire; their timely letters and phone calls always made a difference.I don't know what I would have done without the companion- ship of my fellow graduate students, Anne Campbell, Chuck Cook, Rick Karst, Linda Moran, Ahmad Narchi, Jeff Roth, and Pam Vetro.I am also indebted to Rodman Webb who invited me to join the research team investigating the remotivation therapy program and supported my proposal to study children's coping behavior within that context.It was my great privilege to observe in his work what C.

I am indebted particularly to the critical-mindedness of my gifted friend, Jeff Roth.105 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 120 Young Idealists and Opportunists 126 Children's Beliefs About Friendship 132 Friendship Makes You Feel Good 132 Friendship Involves Liking 136 Children's Problems with Intergenerational Friendship Work 1S6 Difficulties Posed by Infirm Elders 156 Living Up to One's Ideals 1S8 Intcrgenerat lonal Children's Coping with Friendship Wort Attributions of Responsibility Doing Friendship Work Social Context of Mating Friends with Elders..Sumary of Results 5 CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS Limitations of the Present Study Implications for FVirther Research Implications for Practice APPENDICES A PARENT CONSENT FORM B SEPTEMBER INTERVIEW WTIH NEW CHILDREN C INTERVIEW WTIH NEW CHILDREN AFTER FIRST VISIT. G FIRST PARENT INIERVIEM H FOLLCW-UP INTERVIEW WITH PARENTS I INTERVIEW WITH TEACHER-SUPERVISORS J INTERVIEW WITH MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS K CHILD PROFILE FORM REFERENCES 162 162 177 213 231 233 238 241 251 259 261 262 264 269 270 275 277 279 282 285 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH.Observations focused on children's behaviors and were conducted throughout the school year for a total of 56 hours of program activity.Interviews occurred with the children, their parents, the program supervisors, and two middle school teachers.

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