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The Perpich Center for Arts Education is a state agency.

The Center's three main components are: the Arts High School (AHS), the Professional Development Institute (PDI), and the Research, Assessment and Curriculum Division(RAC).

The Council on Black Minnesotans (CBM) was created in 1980 to address the unmet needs and ongoing issues impacting Minnesotans of African descent and ensure that the needs of their constituents are conveyed to the policy makers and others in positions of authority who impact the well-being of this population.

The Board of Accountancy certifies, licenses and regulates certified public accountants (CPA's) and licensed public accountants (LPA') and their firms in order to provide the public with qualified professional public accounting services.

The Board also reissues licenses and addresses complaints.Specifically, the IRRRB serves the interests of the Taconite Tax Relief Area (TTRA), a geographical region encompassing approximately 13,000 square miles.The board adopts and enforces rules, develops techniques for examinations and methods for determining applicants and licensees, issues licenses, establishes continuing education for marriage and family therapists and investigates complaints.Protecting the public by setting standards for quality optometric health care The board enforces rules dealing with drug distribution by drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, physicians, dentists, and other practitioners.The board issues all licenses dealing with pharmacists and pharmacies.

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