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In both cases they were doing the same thing I was–checking out the technology and grateful to have an intelligent discussion with someone equally curious about Chatroulette.

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at boot I keep getting a message asking to set up Raid ... I am using a IDE Western Digital 80 gig w/8mb buffer. Ok u have to take ure Motherboard manual and take a look on the "jumpers" section of it. Try that and let us know ASUS P4T533-C P4 2.266 512 Mb Kingston 1066 rambus ATI 9800 pro 128 Mb Maxtor 80 Gb 7200rpm 8cache Maxtor 120 Gb same SB Audigy Player X45 AKG Headphones Kinnarp 6000 Free Float Yes, I have this mobo and this is how you do it. when it's up go to 'control panel', 'system' and there should be a device manager under one of those tabs...hardware.. There should be in the list of devices it will show you the raid with an ! click the properties and the drop down at the bottom should let you pick 'disable under this profile' or 'disable device'. Let me know if you get it oh, it's under xp as well but others are really similar to this.

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